OJT Technical Documentation


Paper Based Technical Documentation

OJT's multimedia expertise makes print-based tech docs come alive! Our documentation style emphasizes heavy visual content and effective instructional call-outs.

Many of our clients' end users are ESL employees whose productivity is greatly enhanced by our visual learning emphasis. Clients credit our highly visual documentation style with significantly reducing defective material returns.

OJT combines Digital Photography, Graphics, and clear concise Text to create illustrated instructions that grab your attention and hold it!

Demand Flow TechnologyTM

OJT has experienced professionals creating Sequence of Events and Operational Methods Sheets on a daily basis. If you need more people power, or if you are interested in secrets of DFT documentation, call us ...we can help!

OJT uses Method Sheets to develop the skills of our DFT Documentation Specialists. Our extensive collection of Method Sheets for internal use provide illustrated step by step instructions on the creation and maintenance of DFT documentation in various software formats. OJT will empower your staff to modify, update, or even create their own DFT documents.


OJT's on-line Business and Technical Translators are available to help you bridge the language gap with your international customers. We can provide the quick, reliable and affordable translation services required for global commerce.